Race Day Technology


Example 1 : Local Road Race

We can manage and run local race day events throughout Ireland with top quality service and unparalleled professionalism. If you are looking for race day technology that you can rely on, Coretiming is the provider for you. Some popular types of events we host are 5 & 10k fun runs,charity runs Adventure races and Triathlons. Coretiming can provide the customized and personalized (with names) race bibs with timing tag. Everything arrives on time for the event and is ready to use. Start and finish are at the same spot, so the results can show both “chip time” and “gun time” for every runner.


Example 2: Triathlon

Active System, 5 Timing Points

There are five timing points: finish, transition in, transition out and two remote split timing points. The race timer uses the passive transponder and only one Coretiming System at the finish. For all timing points, the race only needs a stand-alone decoders the two LoopBoxes for the transition area (close to the finish) will activate the transponder, receive the signal and forward it wirelessly to the main system. The two remote LoopBoxes will turn on the internal clock of the ActivePro transponder. When arriving at the finish, the transponder will then transmit the finish time as well as both split times


Example 3: International Marathon

The race will be timed at start and finish, and also at the 10K, half marathon, and 30K split points. A main and a backup system will be used for the important start and finish times. All systems will be synchronized via the integrated GPS receiver. The main crew will be at the finish. The systems at the split points will upload the data automatically to the Internet with the integrated GSM modem so that they can be received at the finish. For the start, someone will simply plug a USB stick in the decoder, copy the data on it and bring it to the finish instead of carrying the entire decoder box. The start is at 9 o’clock. The 20,000 race bibs with integrated timing tags were delivered by Coretiming directly to the organizer 4 days ago after a 2 day express production. The race will be scored locally on a laptop computer at the finish line. During the race, the timing crew sets up another spare system with side antenna 150 feet before the finish line so that the announcer can see the names of the athletes on his tablet as runners approach the finish line additionally race organiser can log on from any mobile device and view live results