Harnessing the latest advances in technology to provide you with the complete solution for your event’s Registration, timing & results needs. From Start to Finish Core Timing can help you with all race requirements. Chip Timing, Online Registration, Medals, T-shirts, Promotion,Gantries, Video, Photography, Data Management, Marketing. These include but are not limited to running, swimming,cycling and adventure racing. From elite to recreation level, competitors demand instant and accurate results. Chip Timing has become the norm for Race events of all types and sizes. Core Timing provides reliable and instant results for event organisers and competitors. One of the many advantages to organisers is that it frees up event volunteers from the responsibility of trying to manually record times which is both time consuming and often unreliable. Most imortantly all results are backed up with a multi layer redundancy ensuring result integrity for all competitors.

Race Results

From small local events to large multi-sport competitions we have a package to suit all requirements, Click here for the latest Results


Core Timing use the most advance software and hardware in RFID technology so you can have instant accurate Results, Get in Touch today to plan your Event!

Coaching Corner

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